guy illegally streams WoD alpha using Blizzard’s PAX demo servers.

I watch his stream for a moment and catch dialogue from the portion of the starting scenario he’s doing from Malgrim Stormhand, who says:

Malgrim Stormhand: Draka…come join me in the Iron Horde. Lose that armor and settle down with a REAL MAN.

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    Even then unless it’s getting directly called out in canon, it still seems pretty dodgy. The writers ought to make it...
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    It’d be a lot more convincing if the GOOD GUY HEROES in wow weren’t equally susceptible to sexism. Sexism isn’t a marker...
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    Oh, well if he’s a villain, then that’s another thing. I assumed it was a shitty attempt at writing dickish flirting.
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    See I’m not convinced. From what I’ve seen, this Malgrim fella is very much a bad person. To me this is just cementing...
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    *Swats blizzard* that is not how orcs work.
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    oh dang so this IS really a thing ugh
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    What is happening at Blizzard?!
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    What the actual fuck? Orcs (especially pre-corruption orcs) are/were all about strength, bravery and honor in battle....
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    Several times, actually.
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  21. dandelionofthanatos said: wait since when were warrior women not a thing in the horde
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  23. elfyourmother said: I think this might be where I legit call it quits with wow. I have zero interest in this garbage
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    Blizzard. Stop this, damn it. NO.
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    has some fedora said “it’s warLORDS of draenor, not warLADIES” yet
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